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Summer is ending and I still can't believe that I'll go back to school very soon.. During the last three months, I discovered quite a lot of stuffs which affected me and I found nice to gather them all in one blogpost. So, here they are!

I'll talk about things of all kinds: it could be music, movies, books and even feelings. 

First, I'll talk about the film The Little Prince, based upon the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (moreover, he was a french author), which I watched the day before yesterday in an open-air cinema. I went there for my little sister who wanted to watch a movie. So we went together; after all, it's summer and it's a great way to take advantage of the good weather. What I liked on this film was that it's for all ages: there are some animated parties and others, straight out of the book. Thanks to this movie, the children can discover the Little Prince's world at an early age. Even if I'm fifteen years old, I absolutely enjoyed it; it makes us think so much about life, dead, childhood and being an adult. The story was sometimes sad and maybe a little too much for a little girl as my sister but there was, of course, a happy end and it makes all. I think I should probably read the book now; it's in my mum's library for too long.

Also in the category of movies, there is Suicide Squad. Or rather Harley Quinn and the Joker's love story. You know it, I love this film as I said it in my review about it. After I watched it, I continued to informed me about the story of the characters and particularly about Harley's. I found her story with the Joker so interesting but, definitely, not good at all. Indeed, they live an unhealthy and violent unrequited love. Yes, because if you think the Joker is in love with Harleen, you're wrong. Joker is only using and abusing her because she's absolutely crazy for him. Sad, hum? I continued my obsession by buying some comics about them and watching some Batman cartoons where Harley appears. You know, I'm not a psychopath, being a fan of them. You have to remember that it's still fictional characters and they don't exist. We can all like what we want to, and if that thing is something absolutely crazy like Harley's love for the Joker, it's okay.

Then, there's a book saga too. And these books are all the After by Anna Todd. OK, it can sound weird to mention a book like this in a blogpost where I'm suppose to show you all the things that struck me, but this is the case. For all of us, After reflects a book for teenage girls where the sexual scenes are explicitly described. Sorry, but it is the stereotype for this book, and certainly in France. I read it because I enjoy love stories a lot (I'm a hopeless romantic you know) and Tessa and Hardin's is perfect to be read in summer. In fact, I read the first two volumes when they were published on Wattpad. It was one of the most well-known One Direction fanfiction (and it's still) and because I was a Directioner, I had absolutely to read it! Now, I read it again, but this time, all the books. And omg, I loved the epilogue! It made me think so much about a young couple's life in our days. I realized that we will grow up too to take our parents' place, having kids, a house.. I know it can sound stupid, but I really felt that when I finished my reading. And I have to say that it was such a pleasant feeling.

Let's talk about a TV show! Maybe some of us know it already; I'm a very big fan of series. And the serie referred today is Scream, the one based upon the movies. I discovered it thanks to my best friend who watched it and thanks to Netflix. Yes, because I started a subscription and I wanted to watch a new TV show.. I saw Scream in the proposals and I told myself, why not? Some people says that the acting is very bad but I don't find so. I loved the characters, especially Kieran for his beauty and Noah for being.. Noah! The thing about this serie is that it's totally addicting! The two seasons are very good and I wasn't disappointed at all with the identity of the killers. All these connections between the characters are adequately developed and that's a very positive point for this serie. Scream affected me by living the story with the characters. I don't know how to explain it.. It's a so weird and special feeling. All I have to said is that it makes something to me and I love when a serie touches me. So if you're a horror movies and a TV show fan, this serie is made for you! No seriously, it was THE serie I loved this summer. 

Now, let's talk about a feeling. I wrote a post about my searching for myself last month and since that, some things changed. Indeed, I absolutely lose myself. I felt like all I knew about me was just a facade. It made me sad and exasperated. I realized that I have only a few of good friends - I am don't complaining at all, I think it's just better to have not much very good friends than a lot of fake friends. It destabilized me because last holidays, we were a big band of friends, making parties, travels.. And now.. nothing. Bamm! They disappeared. The only thing I'll said is that high school really changes people. We see their real faces. But yesterday, I saw one of my childhood friend. We can't see each other because of the kilometres and the country which are between us. And I'm so sad of that, because she's such an incredible person. We understand us well, even if we see us only a few time in the year. Even if she didn't know it, she gave me some good vibes. Now, I'm sooo happy to go back to school, take a new start in my new high school and make new friends. 

In the music world, I had some crushes. For me, having a very favorite in music means that the song means or makes you feeling something. Music is an essential part in my life, a big source of inspiration (for example, for my books on Wattpad, I'm ALWAYS listening to music during writing). The most frustating is when you hear a song you love but you can't find her name or the artist who sings it. This summer, I discovered a live session by a french indie band called The Dø which I love so much. It's so simple but effective. You should listen to it, it's worth having a look.

Now, I think I said everything. Tell me, what about you? 

Love you all, x


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