a head full of dreams

If you're one of my first reader, you should know how much I hate French at school (this is probably why I went to the scientific educational track). The other day, we were reading a very boring poetry. There was a map in front of me. And my thoughts got out of hand.

It was a map of the United States. Yes, we were learning french in an english classroom, don't ask me why. I was watching this map, recording the smallest detail. I was more fascinated by this poster than by Alfred de Musset's metaphor. It can sound very strange for someone who's living in the US, but for a teenager like me, completely obsessed by the english language and the english-speaking countries, it comes my biggest dreams

Talking about dreams... I'm actually listening to the album A Head Full Of Dreams by Coldplay. It is so inspiring and so representative of the words which are going to follow. My mum loves these songs so I suppose I dedicated it from her.

I was watching this map and I had a huge wave of inspiration, it's kind of like push you to express all the things which are crossing through your mind. I had to refrain from taking my notebook and begining to write. But now, I have got time to do it.

I was reading the names of every state. Arizona, Washington, Iowa, Florida.. All these terms I know only from books, movies and TV shows. All these places I would like to see. All these cultures to discover. But above all, all these sites to travel. 

I've always said it; I would love to live in an english-speaking country one year or two at least once in my lifetime. After seeing this map, I'm almost sure that if I had to choose, it'll be the United States I would like to go to. I know EVERYBODY would like to live there, for the American Dream, atd. So it can sound like a cliche. But what's the problem? Me too, I want to discover the world. Me too, I want to see what life is really look like there. The US represent a big field of possibilities for me and if I will have to live in a little appartment and work day and night to pay the rent, I'll. 

'Cause, please, guys, wake up! We have only one life. We should follow our dreams until they become true. We haven't got time to regret. In addition to that, I'm so affected by this recent world situation and I absolutely don't want to waste my time and cross next to some thing. 

I must seem like a naive teenager and I have to admit thar's probably true. I know things aren't as easy as they seem and life isn't always as we want it to be. But seriously, you can still hope and try to achieve your goals. Please, try.

Now, I don't want the american states to be only some letters on a map or some reference locations in a book or a TV show. No, I want them to be some beautiful places to remember.

Love u all, 
Valerie x



  1. This post gave me SO many feels tbh, I have a really yearning in me to travel and seeing places not just as some aspirational far off place from TV shows and films but as somewhere I can explore and see with my own two eyes! Xx

  2. Hey dear!
    Lovely post, i followed your blog, i want invite you to visit and follow mine back <3



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