sailor summer look

Summer's here. Shorts, dresses and skirts too. So we - Miss S and I - decided to make a summer look with this theme: sailor top.

my favourite disney animated films

Walt Disney's animated films are famous all around the world; everyone watched at least one Disney movie in a lifetime. When I was little, Disneys were my favourite cartoons so I wanted to share with you my favourite.

looking for who i am

We all change during adolescence; we need to test everything in order to find who we are. This post is my reflection of one of my inner monologue about the subject.

16 reasons why i love summer

Summer will always be my favourite season. I think that this is the case for the most of the people. But, in fact, why is summer such exceptional? I tried to explain that with sixteen reasons why I love summer.


A new template, a new domain name, a new title.. What happened? You read the first post of the Cactusholic Girl era!

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