A new template, a new domain name, a new title.. What happened? You read the first post of the Cactusholic Girl era!
Yes, I did it. I changed Queen Of Disaster for Cactusholic Girl. I hear you ask: why? I made a long break in blogging these times and I needed a fresh start, to change everything. So here is the first novelty: the title of my blog which perfectly represents me, it's more me. Indeed; I'm a big cactus lover. 
The language.. The persons who used to read me in french might think it's strange there's nothing left in french on this blogpost. I decided to focus me on a single language - and I chose english. I know my english isn't absolutely perfect but it will help me to increase me, don't you think? In addition to that, almost everyone around the world speak english (or learn it) so more persons will be able to read my blog. In this way, I'll work harder on my posts and try to find original contents. 
I was planning to buy me a domain name since I created this blog but I didn't have the courage to ask to my mum if I can (she didn't know I've had a blog). Now, I have got one, and I'm sooo happy for that!
And.. The template.. I think that this is the thing I've changed the most on my blog. I love graphics so I often change my templates or my book covers on Wattpad. But now, I find this one and it's blunty gorgeous so I think I'll keep it!
Don't hesitate to tell me what do you think about all these changes. x

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  1. I'll try to write in english :) It will be difficult because I did'nt speak english for 10 months. Even I watch series. So it's an exercise ! Sorry for the mistakes.
    I love your new blog and I'm verry happy for you ♡
    Xoxo ♡


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