how to read in a foreign language

Do you like reading? Do you want to read your new books in their original versions? So this blogpost is made for you!

a head full of dreams

If you're one of my first reader, you should know how much I hate French at school (this is probably why I went to the scientific educational track). The other day, we were reading a very boring poetry. There was a map in front of me. And my thoughts got out of hand.

things who struck me deeply this summer

Summer is ending and I still can't believe that I'll go back to school very soon.. During the last three months, I discovered quite a lot of stuffs which affected me and I found nice to gather them all in one blogpost. So, here they are!

suicide squad

Everyone heard about this new movie. I went to the cinema to watch it and I liked it so much. So.. here's my first film review!

something like mermaid hair

I know I said that I don't and won't never want to bleach my hair but.. I cracked. And here's a blogpost to tell you how I did it, which colors I use and my opinion about that. 

the perfect pokémon trainer outfit

I think that everyone knows the famous game Pokémon GO. But how many people knows what to wear to catch as many pokemons as possible? Of course, I'm not really serious; I just want to talk with you about this app and show you this look!

sailor summer look

Summer's here. Shorts, dresses and skirts too. So we - Miss S and I - decided to make a summer look with this theme: sailor top.

my favourite disney animated films

Walt Disney's animated films are famous all around the world; everyone watched at least one Disney movie in a lifetime. When I was little, Disneys were my favourite cartoons so I wanted to share with you my favourite.

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