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I know I said that I don't and won't never want to bleach my hair but.. I cracked. And here's a blogpost to tell you how I did it, which colors I use and my opinion about that. 

First, I'll trace the story of my hair and everything I did to them since this year. I started with my natural hair: light brown. For some time, I was thinking about doing a colour. I was lost in admiration at all these girls with colorful hair on Instagram and I secretly wished they could be mine. So I started inquire about how to do dye my hair and so on. I was so disappointed when I realized I would have to bleach my hair to had a light colour on my hair. But then, I discovered the semi-permanent colours and some I could do on my hair. And then a few days later, I ordered my two first semi-permanent colours. They were from Manic Panic, Deep Purple Dream and Purple Haze (yup, because I wanted to have purple hair so hard). I dyed my hair with DPD first, and a few weeks later, I tried PH which I prefered. I ordered a second time and bought Purple Haze in the amplified version with the After Midnight blue. When I was in Czech Republic, I went to a Bontonland in Prag - it's a big store of vinyls, DVDs, CDs, video games, rock t-shirts and so on; my heaven on Earth. And guess what? They were selling some semi-permanent colours, but now, they were from La Riché Directions. Immediately, I bought two. The Plum and the Alpine Green. When I came back to my grandma's house, I dyed my hair green and omg, I was totally in love with them! That was until I realized the colour had some trouble getting out; even if I did a lot of haircares, went to swimming-pool regularly and tried many different ways to remove it, the green were still there

A few days ago I was thinking about my hair and I decided I'll bleach them. Surprising, isn't it? For someone who wanted to avoid the bleaching, I threw myself into this adventure. I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid of the result: I hoped that my hairdresser will succeed to light them enough because I didn't want to do a second bleaching. They would be so damaged. So three days later,  I was sitting in the hair salon waiting biding my time. I was so excited! My hairdresser began doing a 'make-up removal' to my hair - idk what we say in english, it's a product which remove the colour from hair without damaging them. I was surprised that the green stayed on my hair: it was supposed to be a semi-permanent colour so it wouldn't be hard to remove! So my hairdresser said we will began the bleaching and see what will happen. I don't know how long it lasted, I was absorbed in my thoughts. When she put the bleaching product on my head of hair, it stinged as hell. I didn't see myself when she removed the bleaching product because she put me a make-up removal a second time because they were still some green shades. After a bleaching, the semi-permanent colour was still there! After that, it was finished. She dried my hair and, tadaam! When I went back to home, I was the perfect sosie of Lucius Malfoy (don't laugh at me) but I was so happy to see that my hair like I wanted them to be. I was pleasantly surprised: they weren't damanged and dry how I imagined them they would be. But there were still some light shades of green. 

At home, I made the mistake to don't apply a purple toner on my hair to eliminate the yellow. I immediately dyed my hair. I decide to never use La Riché Directions colours again. When I see what they did in my hair, it disgusts me. So I took the Purple Haze, the After Midnight and a conditioner to create the perfect violet. After five minutes on my hair, the colour became blue. So I don't know exactly why. I think it is because my hair were still yellow and so the blue stood out. But it's not a problem for me. I like this color and I'll try to put a pink/purple colour on it when it will be lighter. So here's the result! It isn't a perfect blue everywhere on my hair. There are places where it is more darker because my hair were perfectly white and other places where it is less intensive because they were more yellow or green. I love the effect it makes; it looks like I have light blue highlights on blue hair. I know the colour I have actually is so flashy but after some shampoos, it will be lighter and maybe pastel. If you want the same colour for your hair, I think Rockabilly Blue from Manic Panic is similar. 

To finish this blogpost, I want to conclude this story about semi-permanent brands. I'll never use La Riché Directions again. Even if it's cheaper than Manic Panic, it stayed rivered on my hair same after a bleaching. Maybe it's just because the product acted badly with my hair but I'll never risk to use it again. In addition to that, I'm so happy that my hair aren't in a horrible state and they stuck it out.

What about you? Have you ever use La Riché Directions colours? Have you bleach hair? What do you think about this colour?

Valerie x



  1. It looks great. My hair is totally natural and I think that I won't change the color..
    Nice post :D

    Mia |

  2. I like it ! I think I'll never get coloring but I find it beautiful on the others :)
    Xoxo ♡


  4. I've never dyed my hair, but like you I'm so keen to do so after seeing how amazing it can look on those instagram girls. The blue on you looks amazing!

    // xx

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